(Approved by Bar Council of India, New Delhi)

The School of Law was established at MVN University in 2015 to impart quality legal education. LL.B. three years course and B.A LL.B. and BBA LL.B. five years course have been approved by the Bar Council of India.

The School offers following courses/programmes:

(1) BBA LL.B.. – Five Years Integrated Course
(2) BA LL.B.. – Five Years Integrated Course
(3) LL.B.. – 03 years course
(4) LL.M. – One year Programme
(Corporate Law and Constitutional Law groups)
(5) Ph.D. in Law

One can either pursue a three-year law course (LL.B.) after graduation in any discipline or a five-year course after X+2 examinations, leading to a BA LL.B.
The School at MVN University is committed to provide conducive environment for students to learn both theory and practice of Law. With a view to produce world class professionals, scholars and academics in Law, we are equally devoted to meet the challenges of globalization. The faculty and the administration work in tandem to achieve the objectives of imparting legal education and to motivate and facilitate the students to become honorable citizen of the nation.

BBA LL.B. Career Opportunities
BBA LL.B. is a very prosperous career for those who want to learn about the management subjects along with law. You can work with all corporate sectors and business firms. You can find opportunities in different areas. You can work as legal advisor, law reporter, legal assistant, lawyer, etc. You can opt for courses on corporate law, acquisitions, mergers, etc after BBA LL.B. to find better career prospects.

This program aims to create a brand new race of Corporate Lawyers who would not only understand the intricacies of business but be equally well-versed in the nuances of Corporate Laws and Regulatory Affairs.
You will gain valuable insights in both the business functions like finance, human resource management, marketing, international business and corporate laws in the fields of Banking, Corporate Governance, Investment, Competition, Insurance and Mergers and Acquisitions.

B.A LL. B.
The MVN University Palwal is also running a B.A.LL.B Five Years integrated course. This course has been designed in accordance with the changing nature of socio- economic conditions of the society. The course is designed not only with the objective of encompassing knowledge of law but also to teach subjects like English, Sociology, Economic, Political Science and History of Social Science. This course help to understand how Central and state governments function and how legislations are enacted and enforced. The students get a strong footing for undertaking professional legal education and to have competitive acumen. This is based on new developments in the wake of Liberalization and Globalization, which has led to the expansion of market-forces and the new kind of demand has come on the fore. Multidisciplinary integrated is truly the hallmark of this course.

LL. B. Career Opportunities
Career Options after LL.B. has always been a popular career option in India since a long time. Interested individuals who dream of making a carrier in law can go for a three year law course right after graduation in any discipline.
The Law Courses/Programmes are highly job oriented. A Law graduate, either BBA LL.B. or LL.B. is having many options. He may apart from doing law practice in any court may opt for following jobs.
a) Judicial Magistrate/Officer
b) Executive Magistrate/Officer
c) Legal Associate in Corporate Firms
d) Legal positions in National and Multinational companies.
e) Legal positions in banks and various commissions
f) Prosecuting and Assistant Prosecuting Officers
g) Legal adviser for various organizations
h) Public prosecutor or services to government departments and ministries
A person may opt for research and teaching job in additions to above positions after completing LL.M. programme.
The School of Law is committed to provide:
• Highly qualified faculty.
• Strong linkage with Industry, Law Firms, Corporate Business Houses, Senior Advocates of High Court and Supreme Court.
• Emphasis on clinical legal education NGO’s etc in order to acquire insight into social and legal issues and challenges.
• Visits to the Courts, State Commissions.
• Programmes of Lok Adalat, Legal Literacy Camps, Nukkar Nataks.
• Seminars, Conferences.
• Student’s participation in National and International Moot-Court competitions.
• Regular lectures by eminent Judges and Advocates of Supreme Court and High Court.
• Individualized attention for our students.
• Research centre of legal education.
Why School of Law, MVN University?
• MVN University is located at Delhi-Agra highway
• LL.B. three years course and BBA LL.B. five years course have been approved by Bar Council of India.
• Curriculum based on high quality knowledge.
• Rigorous class teaching and research.
• Law Library is equipped with more than 2000 books, journals and reports of Supreme Court and all High Courts of India.
• Computer Lab is equipped with Internet Facility.
• Centrally Air conditioned Lecture rooms, tutorial rooms and the library of the
 Law School.
• Good quality of infrastructure.
• Scholarship to meritorious students.