Literature is a pure art whereas Language is an essential tool to decipher the essence of that art. Specifically speaking, English language serves as an international medium of communication for all personal and professional purposes. It enables learners of all disciplines to showcase their expertise in front of international audience. English literature is an application of English language; so its study drives the aspirants very close to the nature, culture and emotions of English speaking individuals. At MVN University, the Bachelor Programme in English Honours offers a good blending of both English literature and English language – an innovative concept that has been implemented by the University Stakeholders to endow our students with intensive knowledge of English Language through understanding and studying literature, historical literary movements, chronologies, complex theories like psychoanalysis amidst the practical implementation of communication skills. Here, the students just don’t have to study books, they have to also think, analyze and criticize. Pursuing English Honours, mind students, won’t only improve your grammar or vocabulary but it will also improve your vision, perceptive and social presence. One thing that BA in English Honours at MVN University can promise you is a complete makeover of your vision of the world apart from making you an effective communicator.


The general goals of the BA (Honours) in English is to produce graduates with excellent communication skills in English language; and secondly, to ensure that those graduates are also able to appreciate literature using the language as a tool and describe and analyse language in a great variety of forms in which it occurs – spoken and written, formal and informal, in different contexts, genres and by different speakers. The first goal means improving proficiency to high levels; the second requires a thorough background to understand and admire literary forms and masterpieces in English language.


The minimum eligibility criteria for the admission in BA (H) English1st year are purely on merit basis as per the rules prescribed by the State Govt. of Haryana. For admission to 1st year the candidate should have passed in 10+2 examination from a recognized Board or any examination recognized as equivalent by MVN University, Palwal (Haryana) with at least 50% marks in Class XII and 60% marks in English.


After completing BA English Honours one can go for higher studies like Master Degree in English Literature or Language. Graduates can find jobs in public and private sector organizations such as the National Health Service (NHS), educational institutions, financial and legal firms. Several organisations employ English graduates in a range of roles, including administration, research, finance and general management. Other jobs offered are publishing companies, advertising, marketing and public relations agencies and media organizations.

Job Types

Education Department
Creative Writing
Technical Writing
Editing and Publishing
Public Relations and Journalism
Home Tuition
B.A. Hons. English Job Types
English Teacher & Tutor
English Speaking Trainer
English Lecturer – Degree College
English Stenographer
English Tele-caller
Data Mgmt. Associate – English
English Translator (from English to other & vice versa)
English Language Specialist
English Content Writer