MVN University – Corporate Resource Center (CRC)

Corporate Resource Center (CRC) is dedicated to partnering with the corporate, various industrial associations, with an objective to help the students understand the organizations and their requirements as well as prepare the students not only for their first job but also for a lifetime. Reputed Corporate are approaching MVN University to recruit students. Our students are highly valued and appreciated by India’s best corporate.

Due to the highly specialized industry integrated curriculum, our students are well equipped to face the competitive environment. Hence more and more companies are showing faith in our students. MVN is known for its academic excellence, research contributions and industry interface. Our major strength lies in a strong team of highly qualified and experienced faculty, quality students and dedicated staff. As today business organizations need young and dynamic personnel equipped with managerial & technological skills and vision. To cater to the need, latest technologies have been employed for effective lecture delivery and the current emphasizes theory & case study based orientation.

Beside that we have taken some effective steps which include restructuring the course curriculum, offering new and contemporary elective courses, introducing online learning and teaching, upgrading state of the art IT infrastructure and modernizing the library. We groom our student’s right from the beginning and strategically planned time tables for all years. In the first year we focus on communication skills of students. In second & third year we groom them technically and in final year we provide them the finishing touch through special technical and PDP programs. These specially designed classes are our strength which gives our students an upper edge in all on-campus and off-campus test and interviews.

Key Responsibilities of Corporate Resource Center (CRC)


• Inviting Industry Experts from various domain / industries
• Conducting Mock Interviews, Group Discussion and Interviews for Students
• Personality and Skill Development session for the Pre Final and Final Year Students
• Identifying the competencies and skill required for different job profiles


• The Employability Tests created for Enginnering assess the ability of the candidate to understand and apply the basic concepts spanning over diversified Enginnering sub-clusters that include Electronics Enginnering, Computer Science Enginnering, Mechanical Enginnering and Civil Enginnering.

• The Employability Test designed for Management and Commerce assess the candidates in their understanding of basic business operations. They evaluate the knowledge of the candidate to understand the basic business function that includes Human Resource, Finance, Marketing and Banking.

• The Test created for Law assess the ability of the candidate to understand and apply the basic concepts spanning over diversified law related sub-clusters that include criminal law, civil law, limitation law and evidence law.

• Employability Test Partners – Aspiring Minds, and Wheebox


Industrial Visit has its own importance in a skill enhancement of a student who is pursuing an engineering, management, commerce and pharmacy degree. Objectives of industrial visit are to provide students an insight regarding internal working of companies. With an aim to go beyond academics, industrial visit provides students a practical perspective on the world of work. It provides students with an opportunity to learn practically through interaction, working methods and employment practices.

Industrial visit helps to combine theoretical knowledge with industrial knowledge. Industrial realities are opened to the students through industrial visits. It gives them exposure to current work practices as opposed to possibly theoretical knowledge being taught at university. Industrial visits provide an excellent opportunity to interact with industries and know more about industrial environment. Industrial visits are arranged by colleges to students with an objective of providing students functional opportunity in different industries.


• Finalizing the summer placements for student
• Issuing the bonafide letters to students for placements
• Registration of Students for Summer training in respective departments
• Briefing the Students about two months summer training in Industry, role of students, dos and don’ts, weekly reporting to CRC and Faculty, etc. and ensuring the students have got all the guidelines in writing also.
• Ensuring the faculty and CRC is in constant touch with the Students in Industry
• CRC and respective Faculty guides have correct details of industry guides, recruitment Incharge of the company for interaction
• faculty guides interacts (through phone, emails incase guide is outstation or by visiting the guide
• faculty is taking necessary action, if students are not reporting regularly
• CR has done the proper analysis of all the placement presentations reports & database submitted by students and ready to take further action
• the Industry guides feedback (constitute 35% of overall assessment) is received by CR at the end of the summer training
• Faculty Board for evaluating the summer training reports.


• Constituting Students Committee for Industry Interaction and Placement and the guidance of Faculty Team
• Preparing database of companies and Industry Experts to be invited for Placement and Guest lectures
• Inviting Industry Experts for guest lecture
• Continuous Interaction and Developing Strong Bondage with industry professional
• Preparing Presentation for Placement
• Ensure Students are aware of placement Rules
• Short-listing the Companies to be Visiting for Placement Drive
• Visiting Companies after fixing up the appointment for Presentation and inviting Campus Placement
• Regular Follow-up with company for confirmation for Placement
• Preparing Students Resumes as per University Format
• Finalizing the Schedule of companies visiting Institution for Campus Placement
• Ensure Proper logistic arrangements for companies visiting campus
• Ensuring Proper Communication to Students about Companies confirmed for placement with all relevant details such as company name, profile, job profile, location, salary package, recruitment process etc
• Grooming the students to succeed in Interviews
• Maintaining all the records related to placement and Industry Interaction


• Constituting Placement committee of Students, CRC and Faculty Members
• Finalizing the Placement presentation for Corporate
• Finalizing the placement strategy, Rules & Guidelines and communicating the same to the students, Corporate Cell and faculty members
• Finalizing student teams for corporate presentations (Delhi NCR and outstation)
• Constituting the faculty team for conducting GD, Interviews and personality enhancement sessions for students
• Constituting faculty/CRC team for hosting student details on MVN University website
• Sending invitations to companies for campus placement and follow-up with companies for confirmation
• Assigning faculty host and ensuring proper arrangements and hospitality for companies visiting for campus recruitment
• Evaluating the industry feedback and taking necessary action to improve the quality of students, services etc.
• Approving the debarred list for placement
• Handling students grievances related to placements

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Soft Skills are imparted to fine-tune the student’s attitudes, values, beliefs, motivation, desires, feelings, eagerness to learn, willingness to share and embrace new ideas, goal orientation, flexibility, persuasion, visionary thinking, comparison, assertiveness and various skills sets of communication, manners and etiquette so that they will be able to deal with different situations diligently and responsibly. These skills empower them to understand “Who They are” and how best they can come across as competent individuals in any given situation.

Soft skills development require regular training, a strong conceptual and practical framework to develop soft skills along with continuous practice and a comprehensive feedback system that enable and encourage the systematic development of Soft skills in an individual. This will play an important role in the development of an individual’s overall personality, thereby enhancing his career prospects. Training in soft skills provides strong practical orientation to the individuals and help them in building and improving their skills in communication, the effective use of English, business correspondence, presentations, team-building, leadership, time management, group discussions, interviews and interpersonal skills and a lot more not only to get a job, but also to build the entire career roadmap and grow consistently on that roadmap.


Understanding the reality that Every job interview includes an Aptitude Round MVN University has introduced Aptitude Mock Tests for its students a candidate has to successfully score in this round in order to secure his/her recruitment if his/her brilliance in technical concepts is kept aside. We provide all varieties of job interview – oriented aptitude questions tests so that student will not face any difficulty during interview time .These tests are conducted online and offline in both phases. These tests are conducted on a regular basis and provide students the opportunity to strengthen themselves and build confidence in Aptitude. We also provided a huge number of Aptitude Practice Papers to students so that they can develop speed with accuracy in solving Aptitude problems.

Importance of aptitude:

Aptitude is basically defined as an inborn, learned or acquired ability of an individual to perform certain tasks. An inappropriate worker could probably add to the cost of the firm, in terms of money, time as well as effort Recruiters will put to use several methods to sort out and do away with persons from selection procedure. Conventionally ,CV s are utilized but firm gets hundreds of job applications for every job vacancy .so aptitude test is the simplest way for sorting out candidates to select right individuals. If a job requires some specific skill or some particular trait in the person, it is evaluated by aptitude tests. These tests give the interviewer an idea of the natural abilities strength and weaknesses of the interviewee.

Why Recruit from MVN University?

• 28 Acres serene campus with state of art academic infrastructure.
• Regular Industrial Visits & Industry Expert Talks
• Collaboration with top notch companies for campus placements
• Highly qualified & well experienced teaching faculty
• Innovative teaching pedagogy
• Globally acceptable course curriculum
• Focus on research, consultancy and Innovative Projects
• Comprehensive training programme, ensuring quality placements
• Leading Industry Academic Partner