Physical Properties of Fluids

Q1. State the characteristic equation for gases and explain its significance. Q2. Derive the general expression for compressibility of gases. Q3. Define the term viscosity and explain the significance of the same. Q4. Distinguish between Newtonian and non Newtonian Fluids. Q5. Two large plates are 6 mm apart and the space in-between in filled with a fluid. A plate of 1 mm thickness and 10 cm square is pulled parallel to the planes and midway between them with a velocity of 2 m/s. Assume linear velocity profile on either side. The force required was 0.32 N. Determine the viscosity of the fluid. Answer: (2 × 10–2 Ns/m2) Q6. Two large vertical plane parallel surfaces are 5 mm apart and the space between them is filled with a fluid. A thin plate of 12.5 cm square falls freely between the planes along the central plane and reaches a steady velocity of 2 m/s. Determine the weight of the plate if the viscosity of the fluid filling the space is 0.02 Ns/m2. Answer: (0.5 N)