Fluids and Continuum

Q1. Differentiate between the three states of matter. Q2. Distinguish between compressible and incompressible fluids. Q3. Distinguish between vapour and gas. Q4. Define density, specific volume, weight density and specific gravity. Q5. Define “Compressibility” and “Bulk Modulus”. Q6. Determine the density, specific weight and specific volume of air if the specific gravity (with water as reference fluid) is 0.011614. Answer: (11.614 kg/m3, 113.94 N/m3, 0.0861 m3/kg) Q7. A liquid with kinematic viscosity of 2.7 centistokes fills the space between a large stationary plate and a parallel plate of 500 mm square, the film thickness being 1 mm. If the force required to pull the smaller plate with a uniform velocity of 3 m/s was 1.734 N, determine specific weight of the liquid. Assume that the liquid film is maintained all over. Answer: (8.4 kN/m3)