The Industrial Revolution of the 20th Century is known as the golden period of development in human history. The technological revolution witnessed in the current century has been far morre significant in its impact on the quality of human life owing largely to the developments in all fields of Science & Technology. The course of human civilization has seen a phenomenal shift in past few decades along with a massive improvement in the lifestyle of human beings.

Trends indicate that the 21st Century shall be a period of innovations. New disciplines of knowledge will emerge and focus will be on interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary research l eading to new designs, process, products, materials, and technologies. It is necessary that brilliant young minds focus their attention, energies, and talent on new innovations and discoveries. MVN U niversity in its endeavor towards academic excelle nce fosters the research culture and strives to provide necessary environment and facilities to nurture the creative minds.

It’s a matter of honor and pride for me to be associated in the capacity of Assistant Dean (Research) with the cutting edge research programs being offered at MVN University. I believe that the position carries important responsibility towards supporting the efforts of research scholars and faculty members in their quest for identifying, applying, and successfully implementing research projects along with supporting the overall research vision of the university. The mission of Office of Research at MVN University is to provide leadership and support to advance the university’s research mission of achieving greater local, state, national, and international prominence.

With Appreciation,

Dr. Rajeev Ratan

Assistant Dean (Research)