Keeping in view the importance of students’ participation in extracurricular and other allied academic activities, there is a students’ body of Mechanical Engineering Department called as Mechanical Engineering Society (MES). The MESis responsible for organizing various technical, cultural and sports events every year. MES is a platform for students of ME Department to gainfully utilizing their time and energy beyond the normal academic activities, which may help them to inculcate the moral values, self-discipline, leadership skills and feeling of social responsibility. By organizing a variety of events,MES provides an opportunity for planning and execution of events outside the classroom as real life exposure and experience. It is totally run by students under the guidance of faculty coordinators.
Structure of MES:
The MES may be divided into following wings. Each wing will be responsible for organizing and managing their respective events/ Activities.

1. Technical Activity Club: Organizing workshops, poster presentations, expert talk, Quiz and exhibitions of various practical projects.
2. Cultural & Dramatic Club: Cultural activities.
3. Sports Club: To organize and represent MED in departmental / inter-departmental sport activities.
 EVENTS (2017-2018)

  • Purpose: – To improve the technical capabilities as well as managerial skills of the students.
  • Rocket launcher: This event had conducted on 27th February, 2017 at MVN University under the guidance of MES. Participants have to use only Coca-Cola and Pepsi bottles of one or two litre volume. Participant can design bottle as per rules. Maximum team members are two. The competitors will be required to craft 1 rocket, as there will be 2 rounds.
  • Catapult event: This event had conducted on 29th September, 2017 at MVN University under the guidance of MES. In this event students brought their full-scale trebuchets, a type of catapult, and launched tennis balls across the field.  The devices need to move the ball at least twenty meters in order for the student teams to get a high grade.  But from the looks of things on that sunny spring day near the end of the semester, no one was going to miss that minimum.  

“We’re judged on distance and accuracy,” one of the participants said as he explained how the trebuchets are configured”.

  • COMET’18: Conference On Mechanical Engineering & Technology: COMET is an annual technical conference organized by the Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT (BHU), Varanasi with collaboration with MES of MVN University. An aptitude based written test, followed by Group Discussion and a Personal Interview constitute the 3 rounds of this event. The first round of the event had conducted on 15th January, 2018 at MVN University under the guidance of MES. The selected students are invited for the subsequent rounds to be conducted during COMET’18 at IIT (BHU), thus inculcating them in this technical extravaganza and introducing them to the much envied IIT culture. These selected students will get useful insights into the nitty-gritties of Mechanical engineering through well planned tours of the numerous labs and they would also be benefitted from informative guest lectures by eminent personalities.