Ph. D. (ECE)

The PhD programme in Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) is a research-based programme. The research can be in any of the broad areas in ECE. The core strength of the institute is currently in the following core areas: signal/speech /image processing, VLSI and embedded systems, robotics, and communications. The mian emphasis of this programme is on a thesis. Work towards the thesis requires a good understanding the state of art in an area, problem formulation, original contributions based on analysis with sufficient mathematical rigour and validation. The research is expected to be of sufficient quality to be publishable in leading international journals and top conferences pertaining to an area of research.

This programme has a limited amount of course work that can be completed in one year. The course work is aimed at providing a student with sufficient breadth and to carry out research. The main emphasis is on the research work leading to a thesis. Typically students decide on their research area and faculty advisor within the first year while doing course work. Thereafter, the steps involved are: finishing course work (to build research background and breadth), clearing a set of qualifiers, proposal defense, and thesis defense. The PhD qualifiers are a combination of coursework and comprehensive exams.

B. Tech. (ECE)- 4 Years Regular Degree Course

Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE) is all about working with electronic devices and communication equipment, such as transmitters and receivers, integrated circuits, microprocessors, satellite communication, wave progression, microwave engineering and much more. This is an exciting field to be given, given the rapid advances in and increasing reliance on electronic and communication technology. A B.Tech degree in ECE will equip you for jobs that require you to design and develop television, radio, mobile devices and computers. From bringing internet connectivity to remote, rural areas to designing and maintaining satellites, the job prospects are endless.

With a mission to equip each student with the best tools for success in his or her career and life as a whole, MVN School of Engineering and Technology goes the extra mile to ensure that its students receive the strongest grounding in the subject of their choice. To achieve this aim, MVN ensures that its faculty is always up-to-date with all developments in the field and that the infrastructure at the institute is the best and latest available.

Integrated B. Tech. (Diploma+B. Tech.) – 6 Years Regular Degree Course

Why ECE at MVN University

At MVN University, we believe in nurturing talent, ambitions, knowledge with full zeal among students so that they can stand with full dignity in any corner of the world on the basis of their technical and ethical skills. We have a system of seeking out companies, tracking changes in them and making sure our students are among the first to reach the companies before the placement season begins. Before sending the students for placement drives, we prepare our students through a rigorous internal process which includes special sessions for sharpening their technical, personality development, and reasoning / aptitude skills. Lot of mock tests, group discussions, quizzes, seminars and pre-placement interviews use to be organized for the students to give them real time exposure of the placement drives.