The faculty of MVN School of Engineering and Technology has a rich blend of academic and industry experience. Distinguished academicians with long experience and several published research papers in national and international journals comprise the faculty of MVN School of Engineering and Technology. They follow the best teaching practices and uphold the vision and teaching methodologies of MVN School of Engineering and Technology. They ensure that the students have a crystal clear understanding of the basics and inspire the students to be passionate about the subjects.


Civil Eng Depart

Chandrashekhar Mr. Chandrashekhar Kumar
Designation: Assistant Professor

Qualification:  M.TechSpecialization:  Structural Engineering
Experience : 4 year Running

Deepak Yadav Mr. Deepak Yadav
Designation:  Assistant Professor
Qualification:  M.Tech
Specialization:  Structural Engineering

Experience : 2 year  Running
Ganesh Mr. Ganesh Sharma
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification:  M.Tech
Specialization:  Water Resource Engineering & Management

Experience : 4 Year
Anjum Ms.AnjumKhan
Designation: LecturerQualification:  M.Tech Pursuing
Specialization: Structure
Experience : 2 Running
Babita Ms.Babita Devi
Designation: Lecturer

Qualification:  M.Tech Pursuing
Specialization: Structure

Experience : 2 Running
Anit Mr. Anit Kumar
Designation: Lecturer
Qualification: B-Tech in civil engineering.Specialization: Civil Engineering.
Experience:  2 Runnings
Vipin Mr. Vipin Soni
Qualification: B. Tech. in Civil Engineering. Pusuing M. Tech.
Specialization: Structural EngineeringExperience: 3 years
Kavita-Verma Ms. Kavita Verma
Designation: Assistant Professor

Qualification:  P.h d  Pursuing
Specialization:  Structure
Experience : 1 Running

Faculty Qualification & Publications

Department Name Designation Highest
Journals Proc.  of conference TotalPublished Books
Int. Nat. Int. Nat.
CE Mr. Chandrashekhar Kumar Assistant professor M.Tech 1 1 5 2 9
CE Mr. Deepak Yadav  Assistant Professor M.Tech
CE Mr. Ganesh Sharma Assistant Professor M.Tech 1
CE Ms. Kavita Verma Assistant professor M. Tech.
CE Ms. Anjum Khan Lecturer M.Tech pursuing 01 -
CE Ms. Babita Devi Lecturer M.Tech pursuing
CE Mr. Anit Kumar Lecturer B-tech
CE Mr Vipin Soni Lecturer M.Tech pursuing