Name Designation Qualification Lab undertaken
Mr. Trilok Chand Sharma Store Incharge B.Sc, D.Pharm Expertise in handling of Sophisticated Machine in Industrial Pharmacy lab and Various Pharmaceutics Lab
Mr. Satypal Singh Lab Technician D.Pharm Pharmaceutical chemistry, Pharmaceutics
Mr. Pankaj Singh Lab Technician D.Pharm Pharmacognosy, Pharmacology
Ms. Veena Lab Technician/Nurse B.Sc (Nursing) Anatomy, Pathology & Physiology
Mr. Nitesh Kumar singh Lab Technician B.Sc (Nursing) Central Instrumentation Facility Lab
Mr. Dharmvir Lab Technician D.Pharm Pharmaceutics
Mr. Yashpal Lab Technician D.Pharm Microbiology & Physical Pharmacy
Mr. Vinod Lab Technician DPharm Human Anatomy Physiology Lab & Biochemistry Lab
Mr. Shayam Singh Lab Technician DPharm APHE & Pathology Lab
Mr. Rajesh Kumar Lab Technician DPharm Pharmaceutics Lab