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“It matters not how strait the gate, how charged with punishments the scroll, I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul”The above quotation wonderfully sums up the forceful and dynamic personality of Shri. Gopal Sharma, the Founder- Principal of MVN Schools. A man with a vision, he changed the whole approach and concept of education in the small industrial town of Faridabad and put it on the map of the NCR. It is his dream and vision that has inspired and guided the institution as it moves from strength to strength, carving a niche for itself. A true son of the soil, he began his life from the humble village of Khambi. A great teacher himself, he realized the need for an institution that could provide quality education to the students of Faridabad and ensure that they become worthy citizens and above all good human beings.A great visionary and a pioneer in the field of education, he laid the foundation of Modern Vidya Niketan School in April 1983 with just a handful of students. It is his guiding spirit which has molded the school and made it one of the leading institutions in the NCR today. He firmly believed that a school should aim at building an integrated personality that is a harmonious balance of our body, our thoughts and our aspirations that help a person realize his own unique potential. Our Founder Principal wanted to focus on the growth of each student’s personality by imparting integral and holistic education.In 2000, Shri Gopal Sharma conceptualized and realized his dream of laying the foundation of MVN Aravali Hills, an Ultra modern school in the lush green lap of the Aravali Hills. The eight acre premises provide an environment to its students which allows for their multifaceted growth and development into responsible citizens and professionals of tomorrow, where competition is favored, achievement is applauded and individual dynamism is ceaselessly on the wings of transition, the MVN Society aspires for something more than just formal education. We aim to inculcate in our children the values that would help them to be self reliant in decision and responsive to changes in environment and circumstances develop the capability to take calculated risks where required, manage complexity, be curious and sound in reasoning. This concept is the rich legacy of our beloved mentor.Shri Gopal Sharma steered the institution towards the ideal of excellence and quality education. His patronage, guidance and innovative drive is palpable in every facet of all its institutions which aim at developing the mental, physical and spiritual potential of each individual to nurture them into a well balanced and integrated personality. His vision continues to inspire and motivate us even today and the school proudly upholds his commitment to excellence in all fields.

About the Group

Modern Vidya Niketan Society established in 1983 started its first group of schools, MVN, Sector 17 under the dynamic leadership of Late Shri Gopal Sharma, a great visionary and noted educationist. Sh. Gopal Sharma rose to dizzying heights from a very humble background as a true son of the soil and launched a drive for the unexplored vistas of “Quality Education for All”. It was by virtue of his magnetic charisma and iron will power that he actualised his vision of a Senior Secondary School at Sec. 17, an imposing educational institution on a 2.25 acres of land, thus ushering in an era of quality education.
Consequently, in the year 2000, M.V.N. Aravali Hills was born,sprawling in a lush green valley of the Aravali Hills occupying an area of 8 acres. It was a mammoth task to erect such an architectural marvel, to boldly venture such a phenomenal creation which remains a magnificent sight to behold.
The unprecedented results were the next boon for the parent circle of Faridabad when session 2002-03 saw 24 students striding into various prestigious IIT’s of the nation followed by 27 IITians in 2003-04, 20 IITians in 2004-05, 21 in 2005-06 and excel their own record by inducting 41 students in the same premier institution of India in the last session of 2006-07 and again in 2007-08, 41 MVNites entered the IITs. This year i.e. 2008-09 140 MVNites made it to the IIT-JEE India’s highest tally by any institution so far. Nitin Jain has done his Alma Mater proud by topping this year’s All India Merit list of IIT-JEE & AIEEE as well, an achievement for which he will be always remembered in the annals of our outstanding record. This affirms our position as a leading institution imparting unparalleled quality education and grooming the young & budding minds to achieve higher levels of success in their life.” Today under the leadership of Mr. Varun Sharma & Mrs Kanta Sharm a, MVN is recognized for its visionary goals, enviable expertise and innate acumen. MVN offers effective and holistic solutions in the field of education.

To immortalize the yearning passion and dream of Sir Gopal Sharma who always wanted to hitch the educational wagon to the stars by establishing an Engineering College, MVN society ventured into higher education by starting two technical institutes namely, Gopal Sharma Modern Vidya Niektan Institute of Engineering & Technology and Les Filles MVN Institute of Engineering & Technology on NH-2, at Palwal, Haryana in 2008. The year 2009 saw the establishment of MVN Business School. In 2012, MVN University was launched.
At MVN, we help today’s students become tomorrow’s leaders. Our mission of educating leaders, imparting knowledge and serving the society is based on our ability to attract the best faculty to educate students and develop in them an urge to succeed in the fierce competition of today’s world. The key to this success is the vision, professional and transparent governance, excellent infrastructure, the best faculty, focus on student development, to contribute to the nation self reliant, socially aware, kind hearted and compassionate global citizens.
Our Journey: 1983 to date
1983 – MVN Society – The Inception
1983 – Modern Vidya Niketan Sr. Sec. School, Sec-17
2000 – Modern Vidya Niketan Sr. School, Aravalli Hills
2008 – Les Filles MVN Institute of Engineering and Technology (Girls College)
2008 – Gopal Sharma MVN Institute of Engineering and Technology (Co-ed)
2009 – Modern Vidya Niketan School, Palwal
2012 – University Status for MVN

MVN University

MVN University is committed to academic excellence and intellectual growth. This is achieved by igniting the passion for success, promoting critical thinking and helping to build confidence.
At MVN University, we believe that our role as an educational institute is to achieve the perfect balance between harnessing and unleashing. We focus on harnessing energy and directing it towards building a strong educational foundation. Only then can excellence, innovation and creativity be unleashed.
MVN University is established under the Haryana State Private University Act 2006. The 23 acre campus includes six schools focused on different degrees and courses. These are:
• School of Engineering & Technology for Diploma/B.Tech/M.tech programmes
• School of Management Studies for BBA/ MBA/ BBA+LL.B programmes
• School of Computer & Information Sciences for BCA / MCA programmes.
• School of Commerce for B.Com/M.Com
• School of Law for LL.B/ LL.M
• School of Basic Sciences for B.Sc( General)//B.Sc(Computer science)/B.Sc(Electronics)/ B.Sc(IT).

We also offer Ph.D. courses in all respective branches. Our commitment to strengthening the academic foundation of our students is supported by state-of-the-art infrastructure, modern facilities and safe and comfortable accommodation.
MVN University forms a critical link between academia and industry. While placements are excellent, that is not the ultimate goal. We train students to make meaningful contributions in whichever domain they are employed in.

MVN University was established as a university in May 2012, under the Haryana State Private University Act 2006.

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